RPC thanks the dialysis community for its overwhelming support and contribution to the significant growth RPC has experienced during our many years of service. Some of the benefits customers have said they receive from RPC include:

  1. Saving time and money by solving problems with cost-effective, unique, dialysis-specific products available only from RPC.
  2. Minimizing frustration and time-robbing annoyances through the use of our unmatched, free, comprehensive technical support for dialysis professionals. RPC's technical experts are always available to answer your questions.
  3. Feeling safe and secure in the knowledge that RPC has earned a reputation for continued dependability with courteous service, fast product deliveries, and quick problem resolution. RPC has full-service locations in Arizona and Minnesota.

RPC dialysis products include CathGuard™ Protective Catheter Pocket, injectable and non-injectable catheter caps, recirculation connectors, tube occluders, fistula clamps, a complete range of test strips, and CapKeeper® Test Strip Lid & Container Organizers.

Dialysis equipment replacement parts include Accu-Read™ BP cuffs, CalRite® QC standard solutions, E-Z Draw® Sample Port, E-Z Gel™ Drain Cleaner, E-Z Foam™ Drain Cleaner, Citra-Quik™ citric acid, high reliability quick disconnects and couplers, tubing, tubing clamps, lubricants, sealants, Renatron replacement parts, etc.

Dialysis water treatment products include, Micro-X™ Disinfectant/Sterilant, a complete line of test strips, filters and housings, RO membranes and membrane cleaners, disinfectants, portable ROs, UV units and lamps, and much more.

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