Citra-Quik™ Citric Acid

Citra-Quik™ Citric Acid
Citra-Quik™ Citric Acid

Citra-Quik™ Citric Acid

Bicarbonate-based dialysate results in carbonate scaling within hemodialysis machines over time. This precipitate will eventually cause the dialysis machine to malfunction, resulting in problems associated with downtime. Historically, maintenance personnel have used various chemical solutions to remove scale deposits. The following list of key benefits illustrates why only citric acid from RPC should be used.

Citric acid from RPC is also flexible. It allows mixing to the most effective concentration (typically 10% - 50%). Concentration with commercial pre-mixed liquid solutions is fixed. Citric acid is excellent for other purposes also, such as removing corrosion from stainless steel parts or dried dialysate from plastic parts.

Flat packaging and dry powder save on storage space and shipping costs compared to pre-mixed solutions. Each bag contains the highest quality USP grade citric acid (made in the USA). It is packaged to keep out moisture and prevent leakage. RPC also has a quick reference dilution chart. Call RPC when you need answers. Draw on our 125+ years of experience in all technical aspects of dialysis.

An informal industry leading study recently showed that RPC’s citric acid went totally into solution many times faster than competitor’s citric acid, even at cold water temperatures. This can save a lot of time and prevent sucking up citric acid particulate into the dialysis machines.

Product Features

•    Dissolves quickly in AAMI Quality water.
•    Replaces hazardous and obnoxious-smelling chemicals.
•    Eliminates problems with algae growth in vinegar.
•    Economical; costs 20-50% less than vinegar or other cleaners.
•    Faster and better at removing deposits; won't harm equipment.
•    Multi-purpose.

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