E-Z Foam™ Drain Cleaner

E-Z Foam™ Drain Cleaner

E-Z Foam™ Drain Cleaner

Dialysis centers and other facilities often experience sanitation problems associated with organic material that accumulates in drain lines, cracks and crevices, and other non-drain sites. These problems include drain and filth-breeding fly/gnat infestations, noxious odors, and slow drains. The most effective method of correcting these problems is to remove the organic material. Use of ordinary drain cleaners, hot water, detergents, bleach, or ammonia is ineffective.

E-Z Foam™ is a specially formulated safe biological foam designed to penetrate biofilm and cling to the sides of drains and pipes to remove the organic material while blocking the production of noxious odors. This unique formulation results in high performance degradation and removal of organic materials in both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

E-Z Foam™ is very easy to apply by using the professional application foamer listed below. Once a day application for 5-7 consecutive days, followed by a twice a month maintenance application, eliminates fly/gnat breeding sights, noxious odors, and restores drain flow.

CA Cleaning Product Right To Know Act of 2017

Product Features

  • Shaving cream like foam penetrates and clings to drains. Improves flow.
  • More effective than other cleaners (including DrainGel).
  • Eliminates noxious drain odors. Fresh herbal-smelling non-toxic liquid.
  • Removes hard-to-reach organic material from drains & other sites.
  • Costs less per ounce compared to other bio-cleaners, e.g. DrainGel.
  • Safe for all types of plumbing and non-drain sites. Non-corrosive.

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