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E-Z Draw® Sample Port

D300-2010, D300-2011, D300-2012

E-Z Draw® Sample Port

Dialysate Sample Port - 3/16 in. Hose Barb


RPC offers the E-Z-Draw® Dialysate Sample Port. Use of E-Z-Draw® in a dialysis machine dialysate fluid pathway provides a fast, safe, and reliable means for drawing a dialysate test sample. Simply insert the male luer end of a syringe into the E-Z-Draw® port, withdraw the syringe plunger to the required sample volume, and remove the syringe. 

A low-profile and uncomplicated design, using a low surface friction material, helps minimize the potential for bacterial growth in the E-Z-Draw® sample port. E-Z-Draw® is compatible with all standard dialysis germicides and is safe for use on dialysis machines utilizing heat disinfection. There are no disposable parts to replace as with other devices. A recent RPC tooling acquisition and improvement assures 100 percent quality in every E-Z-Draw® along with off-the-shelf availability from stock.

Product Features

•    Syringe withdraw through port.
•    Low profile sanitary design.
•    Germicide and heat disinfection compatible material. FDA-approved material.
•    Economical and durable. No separate parts to replace.

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E-Z Draw® Sample Port Product Information
D300-2010, D300-2011, D300 -2012 Installation Instructions and Instructions for Use

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