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CathGuard™ Patient Catheter Protective Pocket


CathGuard™ Patient Catheter Protective Pocket

CathGuard™ Patient Catheter Protective Pocket

| 100 per case

CathGuard™ is a unique, water-resistant, soft fabric pocket providing patient comfort while protecting and storing the exterior lumens of the central line catheter between dialysis treatments. CathGuard™ helps immobilize the patient's catheter and may aid in reducing trauma to the catheter surgical insertion site. CathGuard™ also keeps the catheter clean, may help prevent infection, safeguards the integrity of the catheter caps, and presents a flatter, less-visible profile.

Product Features

  • Protects patient and catheter. Soft, water-resistant fabric pocket.
  • Eliminates mess and fuss of dealing with tape and gauze.
  • Very gentle to skin. Won't cause allergic reactions.
  • Saves staff time by simplifying patient off-dialysis procedure.
  • Easy-to-use: insert catheter; remove backing; attach to patient's skin.
  • Cost-effective, unique product. Well-liked by patients and staff.

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CathGuard™ Product Information
7001-3920 - CathGuard™ Instructions for Use

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