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Dialyzer Labels & Bar Code Protectors


Dialyzer Labels & Bar Code Protectors

Dialyzer Labels - 30 Uses - White

| 100 per roll

RPC, a leader in dialyzer reprocessing solutions and supplies, manufactures a full line of dialyzer labels.   Correct materials and properly designed labels/protectors are needed to assure a problem free dialyzer reprocessing program.  RPC manual label stock comes with the option of 25 or 30 patient information lines, allowing for a single label to be used with even high reuse numbers.  Extra fine point pens are part of the RPC product line.  For automated systems, the bar code protectors assure clear reading of the bar code information.  If labels are not protected, the information encoded cannot be read and recorded.  Name alert labels represent a secondary reminder for patients with the same, or similar names.  

Product Features

  • Easy-to-write-on surface saves time
  • Specially processed material and printing prevents errosion from germicides, etc.
  • Clear or white background gives you a choice for preferred visual inspection
  • Sized to avoid over-labeling
  • High quality/low price
  • Name Alert® Labels - Convenient means for alerting staff and patient to ensure name and other identifying information on the dialyzer label corresponds to a specific patient. Helps prevent similar-name dialyzer mix-ups. Allows compliance with AAMI/CMS requirements.

Pricing & Ordering

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