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Dialyzer Storage Bags


Dialyzer Storage Bags

Dialyzer Storage Bags With Ties, 9 in. - 18 in.

| 1000 per case

Durable, high quality see through poly bags 9” x 18”.  RPC Dialyzer storage bags are used to properly store and transport dialyzers between patient treatments.  Bags offer the flexibility to be heat sealed on site, or for closure using RPC twist ties.   Bags are large enough to store even the biggest dialyzers.  Bags are very economical to use and help to maintain general cleanliness and process controls.  Easy to write on, label stock can also be applied to the surface area. 

Product Features

  • 9' x 18" bag
  • Sealed on one end
  • Open at the other end

Pricing & Ordering

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