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Driplok™ Venting Washbottles


Driplok™ Venting Washbottles

DripLok™ Venting Washbottle, Write-on Label, 500 ml

| 3 per case

The unique design of the Driplok™ Venting Washbottle successfully eliminates the hazard of volatile solvent leakage.

A range of features ensures maximum safety and convienence in use.

Driplok™ Venting Washbottle has every qualification you would expect from the very best conventional washbottles - except solvent drips!

Product Features

Compatible with dialysis germicides:

  • Easy to fill wide neck design
  • Unique valve design elminates solvent drip
  • Straightforward, automatic operation
  • SPI recycling codes & write-on label
  • Cadmium free
  • Non-aerosol dispenser for surface cleaners
  • Convenient, clean shrink-wrapped packaging

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