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Test Strips

Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips, Low Range

| 50/btl

Chlorine Dioxide Low Range Test Strips are intended to provide an easy to use accurate method for determining low levels of Chlorine Dioxide in water, expressed in parts per million (ppm, mg/L) CLO2. Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) is a chemical used in drinking water for disinfection, taste and odor control, algae control, disinfection byproduct control, and iron and manganese removal. Chlorine Dioxide Low Range Test Strips provide a wide test range allowing for easier detection of chlorine dioxide in water to below US EPA and AAMI TIR58:2014 maximum allowable levels of 0.8 ppm (mg/L) in drinking water. 

Certi-Chek™ Test Strip Quality Control Charts

Product Features

  • Stable, long life (typical shelf life is 3 years)
  • Accurate and reproducible readings
  • Order exact quantity needed. Eliminate overstock
  • No test strip QC required. RPC performs strip QC tests for you on test strips that ship from RPC.

Product Support

481028 - Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips, Low Range Instructions for Use

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