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Test Strips

Micro-X® Peroxide / Peracetic Acid Residual Test Strips, 0-100ppm

| 100/BO

RPC’s Micro-X® test strips are designed for use in testing Micro-X® cold sterilant and other substantially equivalent peracetic acid (PAA) germicides such as Renalin, Minncare, Peracidin, and Puristeril. Use the K100-0105 potency test strips to make sure the proper concentration of the PAA germicide is used when disinfecting dialyzers, water systems, dialysis machines, etc. After the disinfection process and minimum exposure times are complete, the K100-0100 Micro-X® residual test strips are used to test the rinse solution to determine if the residual levels of PAA germicide have been rinsed to a safe level (per the germicide instructions for use).

Certi-Chek™ Test Strip QC Documents

Product Features

  • Compatible with all peracetic acid germicides
  • Five color blocks for easy, accurate testing of residual PAA germicide
  • Quick and easy results within seconds saving time and money
  • FDA 510(k) cleared
  • Backed by our Certi-Chek™ program

Product Support

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K100-0100 - Micro-X® Residual Test Strips Instructions for Use

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