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Calrite® QC Standard Solutions


Calrite® QC Standard Solutions

7.0 pH Buffer Solution

| pint (500 ml)

RPC offers a line of high quality Standard Solutions that give a known value for use in checking the calibration or accuracy of testing devices. A wide range of Standard Solutions are available for use with conductivity, TDS, and pH testing devices.

Product Features

  • National Institute of Standards & Technology - compliant/traceable
  • 90 day storage/expiration period for opened containers.
  • Multiple solution types are available to satisfy different QC needs.
  • Color-coded labeling helps prevent solutions mix-up & confusion.
  • Easy-to-use bottles, conveniently sized to minimize waste.
  • Save time & money by keeping test meters properly maintained.

Product Support

Calrite® QC Standard Solutions Product Information
S-0010 to S-0044 - Calrite® QC Standard Solutions Instructions for Use

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