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E-Z Chek® Sensitive Total Chlorine Test Strips, 0-4ppm

| 100/BO

E-Z Chek® Sensitive Total Chlorine & Chloramines Test Strips provide a quick and convenient means for indicating low levels of total chlorine in water. Monitoring between carbon tanks for chlorine/chloramines break through is the primary application for the E-Z Chek® Sensitive. This strip is a low cost option for go/no go testing of carbon bed performance (color block at 0.1 ppm limit). A second application for these strips is to provide a convenient means for indicating the concentration of residual chlorine (0.5 ppm chlorine limit) following bleach disinfection of hemodialysis equipment and water distribution loops. A third application for the E-Z Chek® Sensitive strips is for use in monitoring chlorine levels in the raw water delivered to your facility’s water room.  Chorine is used by municipalities to disinfect the raw water supply. The EPA raw water maximum allowable concentration is 4 ppm chlorine. This level should be monitored periodically.

Certi-Chek™ Test Strip Quality Control Charts

Product Features

  • Eliminate messy and time consuming reagent tests
  • Four color blocks for easy, accurate testing of total chlorine
  • Verify compliance with recommendations for residual chlorine in rinse and raw water
  • Easy "dip and read" test procedure. Results in only 40 seconds
  • Accurate, low cost strips detect levels at less than 0.1 ppm
  • Better color contrast between test values when compared with competitors strips

Product Support

E-Z Chek® Sensitive Total Chlorine & Chloramines Test Strips Product Information
K100-0106 - E-Z Chek® Sensitive Total Chlorine Test Strips Instructions for Use
K100-0106 & K100-0118/F Important Application Note
K100-0101B, K100-0106, K100-0118 - E-Z Chek® Chlorine & Chloramines Test Strips Application Note
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