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Test Strips

Ultra-Low™ Total Chlorine Test Strips, 0 - > 0.2 ppm

| 100/PK

RPC’s Ultra-Low™ Total Chlorine Test Strips were designed and developed specifically for testing very low levels of chlorine and chloramines (TC) in water. Each test strip is individually foil wrapped and has a patented flow-through aperture. These features assure strip stability and maximum sensitivity. Seven color blocks with yellow-to-blue color shades make it easy to differentiate between values. RPC’s Ultra-Low™ Total Chlorine Test Strips provide easy testing for ppm values of 0.0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, and >0.2. Use of a special, non-DPD reagent eliminates manganese interference that has caused problems for DPD tests. Use RPC’s Ultra-Low™ Total Chlorine test strips to be confident that chlorine levels in your water do not exceed maximum levels called out in your procedures.

Certi-Chek™ Test Strip Quality Control Charts

Product Features

  • Individual foil wrapped strips prevent accidental contamination
  • Patented flow through aperture pad delivers precise measurements
  • Verify compliance with AAMI recommendation for total chlorine
  • Fast 35-80 second "dip and read" test for total chlorine in water
  • FDA cleared for use in testing total chlorine in water used for dialysis
  • Special reagent not interfered with by maganese (as is DPD)

Product Support

Ultra-Low® Total Chlorine Test Strips Product Information
K100-0118 - Ultra-Low Total Chlorine Test Strips Instructions for Use
K100-0106 & K100-0118/F Important Application Note

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