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CapKeeper® coil cord I.V. style, fits 1.25" cap

| Each

Order for use with RPC test strips K100-0100, K100-0102, K100-0105, K100-0114

Product Features

  • Hangs from I.V. pole for fast and easy access to test strips.
  • Clips onto belt loop or other items to keep test strips close at hand.
  • Free-up your hands and prevent loss of test strips and container caps.
  • Minimizes potential for contamination of test strips and container caps.
  • Choose from various sizes available to fit different test strip containers.
  • Requested by and designed for dialysis professionals.
CapKeeper® Product Information
K100-1250, K100-1375, K100-1750 - CapKeeper® Instructions for Use

Pricing & Ordering

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