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Test Strips

E-Z Chek® 0-14 pH Test Strips, 1.0 increments

| 100/BO (flip top)

Routine and accurate pH monitoring of water used for dialysis increases patient safety, is necessary for regulatory compliance, and helps assure proper functioning of dialysis water treatment systems. A water pH value that is too high or too low can present both patient safety issues and water system inefficiencies. To help make sure of precise and accurate measurement values across the entire pH range both the RPC K100-0104 and K100-0104.5 test strips have multiple color pads on each test strip. In addition, when reacted, the color pad colors remain true and will not “bleed” off the pads.

Certi-Chek™ Test Strip Quality Control Charts

Product Features

  • Quick and easy "dip and read" test. Results in seconds
  • Know your exact pH levels with tight 0.5 and 1 increments
  • Convenient filp top lid minimizes spills and contamination of strips
  • Much more accurate than competing pH test strips
  • FDA 510K clearance for testing the pH levels of water for dialysis
  • Multi-pad indicator makes RPC's strips easy to read

Product Support

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